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Our Story

Hello, friends! I'm Jenn, the brain behind Finding Feathers Lacquer. I am an introvert with a love for gaming, animals, nail polish, reading, true crime documentaries, and all things Disney. I'm also happily married to my best friend of 15+ years, momma to our two awesome living children, our sweet angel baby, and fur momma to our four dogs.

Why Finding Feathers?

Several years ago, I dove head-first into the indie polish world as a means of self-care. I had been struggling with grief, depression, and anxiety after the loss of our 3rd child, Morgan, due to a miscarriage in 2018. Nail polish was a simple way for me to find peace, grounding, and confidence in myself and my body again while working through the heavy trauma I found myself engulfed in.

In 2020, with a lot of awesome support and encouragement from my husband and our two sons, I started to venture into the side of polish-making. Knowing the minuscule likelihood that I would have discovered this amazing world of indie polishes without my heart-breaking experience, it only felt right to honor our angel baby, Morgan, with my creations and brand.

Our dear friend at Summer Perkins Photography gifted us her time and talents with family pictures taken in the spring of 2019, around the one-year anniversary of losing Morgan. We hadn't had any photos taken since our loss and while our family looked the same on the outside, we had all been changed by Morgan's brief time with us. That evening on the beach, there was a beautifully weathered feather that looked as if it had been laid there, just waiting for me to find it. The feather felt like a gift or sign from Morgan. It was such a healing moment to feel she truly was there with us... that our family was still together and complete. If I had to sum up that night in one word it would be "serenity".

Our Hope

My hope is that my creations can help bring some of that same serenity to your life. Or perhaps you're more in need of confidence, light, strength, unity, etc. Whatever you need from day to day, Finding Feathers Lacquer would love to help you express yourself! I truly believe love and grief are experiences that connect us at the core of our humanity and while our journeys all differ, I have yet to find someone who couldn't use more light, love, and healing in their life. May we join together and make the world a little bit brighter, one bottle of polish at a time!